Connecting With Spiritual Energy


Our reality is determined by our actions, will, thoughts, sensations, views – etc.  However, for no apparent reason we feel better in certain moments of a day compared to other moments.  We feel good walking in a forest or a park;  sitting in the sun on a beach; we feel good in the presence of a certain person, animal, plant  or object.

Are these situations correlated? Is there a secret logic of these feelings?  Is there an invisible spiritual energy that generates these feelings?

Many scientists have struggled to find the answers to these questions.  But the answers lie not only in science; they are also found  in the ancient wisdom lost for many people.  We all know the answers,  but we have to remember them.

Each moment is unique –  a perfect quantum sensation, an immense burst of energy.  It  is like  a rainbow reflected into a soap bubble on  a sunny day.  Our Universe was created in a moment of energy smaller than an atom.

This Energy that we, as people,  can feel and harvest through our own energy channels –  consciously and unconsciously, is what is  giving us the evolution, good feelings, joy, happiness and fufilment.

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Blue Feather Spirit

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  1. i feel good when the lady from up in the sky looks over and after me, she looks down from up above and looks over my entire home keeping those unwanted spirits out of my home.

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