Many do not realize that the takeover of the western hemisphere, both North and South America, was not just a war of domination, power, aquisition and material gain, but it was an energetic war, stamping out the vestiges of Divine Feminine Goddess energy and communion with Gaia.From a material standpoint, the Indigenous people’s of North America appear to have lost this war, but in fact, they truly won, but not in a way that seems apparent on the surface.They did not let their culture and the ancient heritage be stamped out. Much can be said about the current state physically and much still needs to be rectified. The ancient shamanic visions of their people’s future…the ingrained wisdom of operating in the 3D reality while immersed in the strength of the anscestors…the foreknowledge of the ravaging of their people… They understood and created a time capsule.These powerful ancients disconnected themselves from their present time and travelled into the shifting pathways of the ever present future, bringing with them all the wisdom, strength and information available to them at the height of their connection to the Great Spirit. They placed it into the future with love, honor and reverence, knowing it was not for them and their time to finish this.And so time moved forward. The dark visions they had seen came to pass. Material and technological progression flourished across thir once open, free lands, choking the waters and poisoning the lands.No longer were people focused on the next seven generations, no longer wad honor shown to those who came before and many lost their way.In the pattern of things, what was strong must eventually weaken and the system bloated upon itself, stagnating future generations of evolution for gratification in the now.Inside of this stagnant bloat, a growing dissatisfaction began to simmer under the surface as many were born into a system with no spiritual or energetic purpose and so began the great questing.The burning desire to understand and find meaning exploded in many in this world as if lit by the same spark, opening up the doorways to many new ways of thinking, feeling and moving through reality, some effective, some not so effective, but it began to happen.Individuals searching would find a piece of this ancient wisdom and explore it, map it out, then show others how it has helped them, sparking new healing modalities that millions unfamiliar with the Quest began to feel and spark their own Quest.Thus the spectrum began to show facets of this ancient wisdom and those looking at many of these facets began to piece them together like a grand puzzle mosaic, seeing how this piece obviously fit there and that feeling obviously belonged there.This began to spark the great Knowing. No longer was the Quest in priority, to many had achieved meaning and information began to assimilate through them, answering the questions posed to this knowing with lightning speed and thus the facets began to take on color….All the spectrums of light, of humanity, of thought and being.This energy burst forth through many and began to make itself known and suddenly brilliantly powerfuls souls were able to incarnate on our planet with much light to anchor into, beginning to shift the structure from the ground up.And the warriors of the Rainbow Prophecies were born.Pay attention to the children. Many are already shifting into this flow. We live in incredibly powerful times. Great works are in the making and will begin birthing themselves as we start moving into the Language of Light as a species.The more light you create, the faster we shift.Be love. Live joy. Honor the feelings you do not prefer and shine excitement, light and the radiant smile directly into the center until it has no choice but to become that which you want to live

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