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The Valley of the Kings and the Hopi: Constellations Send Ancient Messages




Author Thomas O. Mills

Hopi Understanding

The Hopi speak of a line or thread of time when they tell their Creation Story.  They are very concerned about the line between Orion (Hotomkan), the Pleiades (Choochhokam), and Sirius (Ponochona) and watch them very closely each year.

These three groups of stars are also very important to the Lakota Tribe as they make up the constellation of their White Buffalo. The Pleiades form the head, Orion the mid-section, and Sirius the tail. The Lakota ceremonies are based on the White Buffalo arrival and departure in the night sky.

We know that the constellations represent different periods of time we call ages (2,160 years in length) but we do not know when an age starts and when a new age begins or why they were created in the beginning.

We would need a specific point, chiseled in stone on Earth, where we could watch the constellations move one degree every 72 years along their line or thread, something like the Sphinx. We would also need a specific time or date on Earth’s path to do the job correctly, something like the winter solstice, on December 21st, when the new initiates arrive and the Hopi Ceremonial Cycle begins.



Sacred Land in South Dakota May Be Safe



Per The Daily Republic  A Native American tribe trying to buy land it considers sacred in South Dakota’s picturesque Black Hills is in negotiations with the landowners and has secured money for a deposit, though no final agreement has been reached, tribe officials said Tuesday.

The nearly 2,000 acres of pristine prairie grass plays a key role in the creation story of the tribes making up the Great Sioux Nation, and members fear that new owners would develop the property. The land, which the tribes call Pe’ Sla, is the only sacred site on private land outside Sioux control.

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is among the closest to the land, has allocated an undisclosed amount of money as an earnest deposit on the land, though tribe spokesman Alfred Walking Bull said Tuesday that he couldn’t specify the amount or where negotiations stood with the land owners.

“Basically, Rosebud is working out the details and the details will be forthcoming as early as next week,” he said.

The tribe had earlier said it was allocating $1.3 million to the cause, and donations to an online fundraising effort totaled about $300,000 by Tuesday, though tribal officials fear that the land could sell for between $6 million and $10 million.

The landowners, Leonard and Margaret Reynolds, declined comment Tuesday. An auction to sell that land had been scheduled for Aug. 25, but the couple cancelled it a few days before without commenting. Walking Bull said both sides have been working through a third party to handle negotiations.

Despite the hushed negotiations, tribe supporters praised the news of the progress.

“We are very pleased we’ve reached this positive milestone,” said Chase Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who led the online fundraising effort. He said supporters will hold a celebration rally Wednesday in Rapid City.

The tribes believe the Sioux people were created from the Black Hills. According to part of their spiritual tradition, Pe’ Sla is where the Morning Star fell to Earth, killing seven beings that killed seven women. The Morning Star placed the souls of the women into the night sky as “The Seven Sisters,” also known as the Pleiades constellation.

Tribal members hold ceremonies and rituals on the land.


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