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Help Wild Bison Roam Free Again ~ 5 Days to Sign Petition


Today, no wild free-roaming bison remain on their native prairie habitat on public lands in the United States. Millions of bison once roamed America’s grasslands, and were a crucial part of the healthy ecosystem, but this iconic, majestic animal has all but disappeared from the landscapes where they belong.

Right now, we have a chance to make history and begin restoring wild bison to America’s prairies. The public has until June 25th to tell the State of Montana that the 1 million-acre Charles M. Russell (CMR) National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Montana is the ideal place to restore a herd of wild bison.

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By the turn of the 19th-century, less than one hundred of the original 30 million bison remained in North America. This iconic American species, it seemed, was doomed to extinction at the hands of over-hunting and the westward migration of European-Americans. While the American cavalry engaged tribal warriors in epic battles throughout the Great Plains and American West, so too did Americans wage war on bison.

As American Indians battled to protect their lives and cultures, they also fought to preserve their historical and cultural connections to buffalo. A pair of Indians from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in northwest Montana rounded up some of those bison to save them, and by the early 20th century the bison had grown to a herd of several hundred animals.

These bison were transferred to Canadian national parks and to ranchers in the U.S. Some eventually became seed animals for the Yellowstone herd. American Indians had saved bison from the precipice and contributed to the creation of what would become America’s only wild, genetically pure, free-roaming herd of bison. Today, the historical relationship between buffalo and American Indians comes full circle, as the bison return home to their brethren that saved them.

NWF is proud to have served alongside our tribal partners to protect and restore bison over the last couple of decades. This week, we are gratified to see the wild bison’s homecoming for Indian tribes at Fort Peck and Fort Belknap in northeastern Montana. We hope this is just the beginning of restoration of the creature know as the monarch of the plains to tribal and public lands across the West.

As a tribal partner told us:

You’ve been working to save the bison for the last twenty years, we’ve been praying for this for 120.

It is only fitting that during the very week of their return to tribal lands, NWF is also celebrating bison as one of the extraordinary species of it’s 74th annual National Wildlife Week. We know that a a better understanding and appreciation of these iconic creatures will help us continue to preserve them for our children’s future.


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Venus, Planet of Love ~ Transiting June 5 and 6, 2012






Share your intention for a new peaceful, beautiful, and free planet. Allow the energy of that to overflow into all the earth. Some of you will see people changing. Some will see trees growing. Some will see seas becoming abundant again. We will see that all who allow it will feel the immense energies of the moment.

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Follow Your Dreams



Photo From S.L.O.E.


Follow your dreams… Keep your goals in view… Live the life you want to live and do whatever it takes to make that happen… Don’t allow fear to consume you… Instead let it propel you forward… Celebrate the successes no matter how small… Because small successes can be just as sweet as the big ones… Stay positive because negativity can kill your dreams…



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Search Your Hearts ~ For Purity, Strength and Honesty




To be quite honest/frank with you all, in order to get through this life ~ a few things are a MUST.

NO FEAR:  Have a strong heart, Accept the unacceptable, Expect the unexpected, Accept all living things into your hearts, Love all living things.

KNOW:  EVERYONE/ANIMALS are all created equal.

HONESTY:  This is the best policy, no matter how painful it may be.  Open your minds, and hearts, Speak with your hearts, Let Honesty filter from your soul, and Let Bravery take over your spirits.

SHARE:  Share Wisdom with whom you trust, and with those whom are lost and confused.

BE ONE:   with everything around you, and allow the flow of energy in you, and learn from it.

LOVE:  is the answer to all things.

FORGIVING:  is the weapon against conflicts and wars.

Joey TheWolf Moonshine


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Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012





Earth‘s dark shadow will appear to take a bite out of the full moon Monday during a partial lunar eclipse.

At the same time, the moon will be at perigee—the lunar orb’s closest approach during its egg-shaped orbit around our planet—creating an eclipsed “supermoon.”

Lunar eclipses happen when the full moon, Earth, and the sun are lined up so that the moon crosses through Earth’s shadow. (See lunar eclipse pictures.)

“It’s a very cool kind of thing to see. It gives us an almost 3-D feeling for space that we don’t normally get,” said Mark Hammergren, an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

Coined in 1979, the term “supermoon” is often used to describe a full or new moon that coincides with perigee—something that happens about once a year, on average. (Related: Titanic Sunk by ‘Supermoon’ and Celestial Alignment?”)

We don’t see an eclipse with every full moon because our natural satellite follows a tilted orbit around Earth. This tilt also means that an eclipse can be full or partial, depending on how much of the lunar disk falls in our planet’s shadow.

The last total lunar eclipse was in December 2011, and the next one doesn’t happen until April 2014.

Monday’s partial eclipse will be visible to sky-watchers in most of North and South America during the early hours before sunrise.

Meanwhile, observers in Australia, the eastern parts of Asia, and across the Pacific Ocean will see the partial lunar eclipse Monday evening just after sunset.

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Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Willing Yourself To Win

Life, love and destiny.

Kevin Hester

Hacking at the Tree of Life: Dying Forests, Oceans, Societies Unmasked

Princess Angelina

The Cutest Pit Bull in the World needs Your Help to Save Other Dogs.

Our Compass

Because compassion directs us ...


"Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money can not be eaten."