Protection From EMF Radiation




Protect yourself from the harmful effects of non-ionizing EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. Newly designed for 5G. For use on:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Smart Meters
  • Smart TV’s
  • PDAs
  • Devices sending & receiving electronic data

For FREE INFORMATION about the EMF SHIELD, Please Contact Annette Okerayi HERE

Or Email Annette Okerayi at



Stressors to the human body have increased tremendously in the past few decades. Genetically modified foods, pollutions, toxins, etc. have affected the ability of our body function in the way it was naturally intended to.  The inventions of radio, cellular communication and other such devices that transmit electromagnetic waves/fields have also caused a new kind of stress to the body, electromagnetic pollution. Cell phones and similar EMF devices are a source of electromagnetic pollution and are used by over 90% of adults according to Pew Research Center. Electromagnetic pollution can cause a variety of serious health problems and negative stressors to the body which include: DNA damage, an increased risk of cancer, loss of fertility, effects on brain function, metabolic changes, disruption of the immune system,  and thermodynamic changes of the body.

For FREE INFORMATION about the EMF SHIELD, Please Contact Annette Okerayi HERE

Or Email Annette Okerayi at





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