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Search Your Hearts ~ For Purity, Strength and Honesty




To be quite honest/frank with you all, in order to get through this life ~ a few things are a MUST.

NO FEAR:  Have a strong heart, Accept the unacceptable, Expect the unexpected, Accept all living things into your hearts, Love all living things.

KNOW:  EVERYONE/ANIMALS are all created equal.

HONESTY:  This is the best policy, no matter how painful it may be.  Open your minds, and hearts, Speak with your hearts, Let Honesty filter from your soul, and Let Bravery take over your spirits.

SHARE:  Share Wisdom with whom you trust, and with those whom are lost and confused.

BE ONE:   with everything around you, and allow the flow of energy in you, and learn from it.

LOVE:  is the answer to all things.

FORGIVING:  is the weapon against conflicts and wars.

Joey TheWolf Moonshine


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