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May The Sun Rise One Day On A Vegan Planet




A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem That Touches The Heart And Soul And Provokes The Mind —from


I will never see the sun rise. I will never see it set.I will never feel a kind touch. I will never be a pet. I will never feel loved or be loved, as I’m led to my murder, being prodded, poked and shoved.

As they cut my tender skin,I wondered if anyone cared. If anybody out there would consider my despair. For you did not see me die, and you did not see me bleed. You did not hear me cry before you ate the meat that you don’t need.

You did not watch them kill me. You could not feel my pain. You will try not to think of me, as you blindly eat again.I was the cow you ate on Monday.The pig you had the midweek. I was the turkey you ate for Christmas.

I was the calf you had to eat. I was the chicken in your sandwich, and the duck you had with tea.I felt pain beyond belief, but you never thought of me. Because thinking can be painful, and you refuse to see, that for every time you eat meat, those animals must bleed.

The cow was killed for Monday. The pig was butchered too. The turkey lived for 16 weeks, and the baby calf had died for you. The chicken lived inside a cage. The duck could hardly move. All this needless suffering occurred for so called food.

I fail to see a reason, as there is no need. When humans eat my meat, it is purely for their greed.You may think you’re above me. That you have the advantage. But a kind, innocent creature, is better than a SAVAGE!!

So next time you’re out shopping, try to feel some guilt. For the animals that have died, for your eggs, your meat and milk.

My heroes are those people, who will not bite into me. So I ask a simple favor. Please stop eating meat.I’m asking for the cows, the pigs and all the sheep.

Who are much more important than just some cruel unhealthy treat. They can’t speak themselves, so please let’s be their voice. Every animal born into this, for them there was no choice. For you did not see me die, and you did not see me bleed. You did not hear me cry, for the meat that you don’t need!

Whatever Happens To the Wolf ~ Happens to The Native American People






State governments and resident hunters/trappers have been wantonly brutal and excessive in their ‘management’ (killing) of wolves; this is not acceptable due to the individual suffering of wolves, and it is a clear threat to the future of wolves and their DNA diversity.

Last fall, right from the starting gate, Idaho and Montana began to carry out their their diabolical plans for killing wolves. First there was a horrendous bow and arrow season, followed by deliberately mis-aimed bullets (gut shots – so wolf tags could be used for another day), and barbaric trapping and ‘dispatching’ of the trapped wolf in unthinkable ways. Uncountable boastings, postings, and photographs from wolf hunters on public forums have all documented evidence of a brutal regime celebrating and glorifying the killing of wolves. We have read ‘instructions’ on how to slowly poison wolves, “gut shoot wolves so they won’t die right away”, dispatch trapped wolves by means of strangulation, crushing, slow torture, skinning, and the dark list goes on and on.

None of this, so-called ‘management’ of wolves has anything to do with science or protecting livestock. This hunt is about ‘thrill killing’ the wolf because he is an icon and keystone predator. Trophy hunters covet the wolf and other predators for their trophy rooms. Teeth, pelts, feet, claws, and even deflated wolves are being sold. All of this flying in the face of our Native American people who consider the wolves brethren and in their beliefs, ‘what ever happens to the wolf, happens to them.” History has proven this to be true.

Wolves are only a negligible threat to livestock – being responsible for less than 1% of livestock losses. An example would be Wyoming 2010 – a total of 41,000 livestock animals perished. A study released the following year concluded that 26 cows and 33 sheep were taken by wolves – the other 40,941 animals died from infection, birthing, and being left out in extreme weather.

Montana recently released their new immoral plan to kill the wolves of Yellowstone National Park using electronic calling devices just outside the park to lure wolves from the safety of the park into their cross hairs! They will use the sounds of pups in distress to lure adult wolves to their death.

Idaho ended one wolf hunting season on June 30th and began another on July 1st!! The 2nd hunt, even more barbaric in that puppies, pregnant females, all wolves will be in the cross hairs and fair game for trapping – 365 days a year in EVERY INCH OF IDAHO with the small exception of national parks/city limits.

Wolves have been brought back from the brink of extinction and reinstated, only to be brutally massacred. This round robin of destruction must not continue.


Rebel Wolf

Rebel Wolf

Courtesy of Rebel Wolf










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