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Message for Humanity

The Awakening is here. It is time to reconnect to the path we have long forgotten.
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Acorn to Oak filmed over an 8 month period time-lapse

Acorn to Oak seedling filmed over a period of 8 months.
Filmed by Neil Bromhall for
The acorn was collected in September and filmed in an underground set using a 2 hour interval between exposures.
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Richard Harris – A Man Called Horse

A Man Called Horse is a 1970 American Western film starring Richard Harris and directed by Elliot Silverstein
The film is based on a short story, “A Man Called Horse”, published in 1968 in the book Indian Country by Dorothy M. Johnson.
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The latest attack on Oregon’s wolves comes from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which is pushing for reckless legislation that allows for the annihilation of the Imnaha pack.

The wolf pack was the first to establish and produce pups in the state in more than 60 years. While measures should be taken to prevent depredation of livestock, there are better ways to keep cattle safe than killing the family of Journey, who captured the nation’s imagination with its thousand-mile expedition to become the first wolf in California in nearly a century.

The Imnaha Alpha Male

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY From Blue Feather Spirit


Blue Feather Spirit wishes ALL Brothers and Sisters Love, Peace, and Fulfillment, Today on Valentine’s Day, and for All the Days of your Lives.


 Regard Heaven as your father, Earth as your Mother and all things as your Brothers and Sisters.

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Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Willing Yourself To Win

Life, love and destiny.

Kevin Hester

Hacking at the Tree of Life: Dying Forests, Oceans, Societies Unmasked

Princess Angelina

The Cutest Pit Bull in the World needs Your Help to Save Other Dogs.

Our Compass

Because compassion directs us ...


"Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money can not be eaten."