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40,000–10,000 BC: HOMELANDS

Contemporary Native peoples from many nations teach that they originated in their traditional lands. The oral histories of some Native peoples tell of traveling to their current location by water or land. Anthropologists theorize that Native peoples migrated from Asia over land bridges when Bering Strait sea levels were lower.


Native Hawaiian Legend of Ho‘ohokukalani

Today, all tribes tell stories of their origins. There are as many creation stories as there are tribes, and there are thousands of tribes. The stories—which are generally told only at certain times of the year and then privately within the tribe—describe origins in the Americas, usually within the traditional lands of the narrators. Most of the stories are deeply rooted in oral tradition.

In Native Hawaiian tradition, Papa (Earth Mother) and Wakea (Sky Father) had a daughter named Ho‘ohokukalani. When her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, her stillborn fetus was buried. The next morning, a plant never seen before had sprouted from the grave. This was the first taro plant. Ho‘ohokukalani’s next pregnancy was successful. The baby, who was named Haloa, was the first Hawaiian man. Native Hawaiians believe taro is their elder brother, a being to respect.


MicMac Tribe

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January 24 at 5:54 AM  ·
Native American Tales:
“I am truly astonished that the French have so little cleverness.
They try to persuade us to convert our poles, our barks, and our wigwams into their houses of stone and of wood that are as tall and lofty as these trees.
Very well! But why do men of five to six feet in height need houses that are sixty to eighty?
Do we not have all the advantages in our houses that you have in yours, such as reposting, drinking, sleeping, eating, and amusing ourselves with friends when we wish?
Have you as much ingenuity as the Indians, who carry their houses and their wigwams with them so that they may lodge wherever they please?
We can say that we are at home everywhere, because we set up our wigwams with ease wherever we go, without asking permission from anyone.
You reproach us – very inappropriately – and tell us that our country is a little hell in contrast with France, which you compare to a terrestrial paradise.
If this is true, why did you leave it?
Why did you abandon your wives, children, relatives, and friends?
Which of these is the wisest and happiest – he who labors without ceasing and only obtains, with great trouble, enough to live on, or he who rests in comfort and finds all that he needs in the pleasure of hunting and fishing?
Learn now, my brother, once and for all, because I must open my heart to you:
There is no Indian who does not consider himself infinitely more happy and more powerful than the French.”
Micmac Chief (1676)

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"Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money can not be eaten."