End the Hunting of the Sacred White Buffalo at the Texas Hunt Lodge. Sign Petition Now


Native Americans have always had many legends that span over thousands of years. Yet despite the many legends, the most sacred one involves the birth of a White Buffalo calf. There are countless stories about the White Buffalo, with a slightly different tale being told for every tribe. But the message is clear in all of them; The Native Americans see the white buffalo calf as a sign to begin mending life’s sacred hoop, to connect with each another and with our Mother Earth whom we must stop destroying. The White Buffalo is a very sacred sign and symbol to the Native Americans.

Although the buffalo in the U.S. are no where near the great numbers that they used to be, when they were flourishing they used to number between 60 – 80 million head. Under those favorable conditions, the chances of such an unusual white buffalo appearing was about 1 in 10 million. But although there are only approximately around 125,000 buffalo today, the odds against one being born have increased dramatically. There has been a spurt of white buffaloes born over the past 50 years or so. Native Americans are taking this as a sign that something profound is happening to our planet as well as to humanity.

Understanding just how important the white buffalo is then, it becomes extremely hideous and despicable that a canned hunting outfit in Texas called the Texas Hunt Lodge is now offering the chance to kill these majestic and spiritually significant creatures. For $13,500, a person can go there and do exactly that. This practice must be stopped immediately before anymore are killed for the sake of a mere trophy to hang on their wall.

Please take a minute to sign the  petition to stop the despicable practice of killing a white buffalo (bison) at the Texas Hunt Lodge for the fee of $13,500. These are canned hunts which means the animal has no chance for escape and is in an enclosed area that makes it extremely easy to kill them. They are also usually very used to the presence of humans so they do not have the fear of man as would a wild bison. The White Buffalo has a very spiritual significence to the Native American culture.



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  1. Why would anyone want to kill this sacred being?

  2. What a disgraceful insult to a ancient culture that has suffered enough at *the white man’s hand!* This should be not allowed by US law!!

  3. Gary Anderson

    One Earth, one chance.

  4. Cherokeelady ,,,Mary

    This is a Disgrace, Our Government needs to stop this…. they have either done or allowed many bad thing to our native peoples in the past and is atill doing or allowing this needs to STOP

  5. ive watched the human race and can see no winners.

  6. THIS is wrong, wrong, wrong!!! When is humanity going to figure out that if we are not kind to every living creature on this planet we are going to die miserable deaths. I take that back, THEY will die miserable deaths. what makes a man want to destroy every living thing he can feast his eyes on? Why? Have we not learned from our past? Every living creature needs to be treated with respect, honor and humility. From the tree, to the bush, to the ant, to the buffalo, to our brothers and sisters!

    I am so tired of white men like this looking at this world as HIS and creating nothing but a garbage can! What makes him feel so PROUD THAT he can take life?! He ought to be feeling SHAME.


  7. I do not believe that ANY animal should be “hunted” under these conditions…. Trapped in an enclosed environment with no escape…. That is not hunting….. you want to hunt get out in an OPEN pasture and hunt deer or elk and make sure that if you kill it, you eat it!!! Killing for fun is NOT ok with me!!!

  8. Maybe they should start a lodge to hunt the hunters down $13,500
    All money to build a new secure reserve the the American Indians and the animals

  9. This is so horrible. This beautiful white buffalo has been killed, with no place to go.
    Only a coward would shoot an animal in a canned hunt or at a farm. Only a coward. It is not hunting, it is massacre. This must be stopped. These buffalo are sacred. Why is this happening??

  10. Please stop killing those beautiful, rare creatures!! It’s unconscionable!

  11. Patrizia Taschner

    Please stop the killing of sacred animals. There is no need to do this. There is so much space on this planet – so WHY??? Just for your fun?

  12. Animal kills animal for “SURVIVAL”…
    Man kills animal for for “SURVIVAL”…
    BUT IF MAN KILLS ANIMAL FOR “EGO, FUN AND/OR GREED” that means he is just a “someone!”
    A “SOMEONE” that has no respect and value for any form of life is not a MAN!”

  13. Bless the soul of this beautiful Buffalo and bless this poor confused man. When he gets to the “otherside” maybe that beautiful Buffalo will be waiting for him to explain a few things. Until then, I pray he only sees beauty in every being so he will never harm another. Ho.

  14. Fellow white men.. When will you learn? My guess is never. Although we share the same skin we do not share the same spirit. You are worse than a virus as a virus has a purpose and sense of reality…you dont.

  15. this man should be in prison!!!!!! he has to know what this means to Natives,


  17. Patricia Sipes

    It need to be stopped.

  18. It needs to be stopped,now.

  19. ile hope you will be kiild of a buffalo your bastard

  20. When is this type of needless abuse going to end? These people think it is fun.

  21. it is so sad ,
    to see something so pretty destroyed, for fun.

  22. They are so beautiful!!! Only the heartless could kill such a precious life!

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