PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION NOW To Save The Rainforests in Brazil.

All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. Chief Seattle

Save the Rain Forests in Brazil


The Amazon is in serious danger. The lower house of the Brazilian congress has approved a gutting of Brazil’s forest protection laws. Unless we act now vast tracts of our planet’s lungs could be opened up to clear cutting devastation.

The move has sparked widespread anger and protests across the country. And tension is rising — in the last few weeks several prominent environmental advocates have been murdered, purportedly by armed thugs hired by illegal loggers. The timing is critical, they’re trying to silence criticism just as the law is discussed in the Senate. But President Dilma can veto the changes, if we can persuade her to overcome political pressure and step onto the global stage as a leader.

79% of Brazilians support Dilma’s veto of the forest law changes, but their voices are being challenged by logger lobbies. It’s now up to all of us to raise the stakes and make Amazon protection a global issue. Let’s come together now in a giant call to stop the murders and illegal logging, and save the Amazon. Sign the petition  — it’ll be delivered to President  Dilma when we reach 1,000,000 signers.

Tribes of Indigenous People in the RainForest must be Protected and Left Alone.  Please Sign the Petition.

Blue Feather Spirit

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  1. This is sooo necessary.. man has taken over… where wil the wild life go?

  2. Stop destroying the very land you walk upon…..or soon there will be NO land to walk upon…

  3. We are killing our selfes. By killing all the rain forest we are distroying our earth. Why wont you open your eyes and see this.

  4. Stop Our medicine is there Our Hope for future cures Is there Dont Kill US ,Our Earth and all the wild animals,reptiles and birds

  5. it is not mankind’s right to dictate, devastate & destroy what the creator has given us.
    we like the animals & environment are here to compliment each other.
    we don’t have, nor have we ever had the right to take away anything that is of this world and its creatures that will cause an imbalance.
    are we not already seeing, living, experiencing the results of mankind’s meddling?.

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