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Thundering Hooves ~ A Native People Event



Matthew Black Eagle Man


Granada Theater

Alpine, Texas

October 5th & 6th & 7th, 2012



Thundering Hooves ~  A Native People Event

A Gathering To Bring Awareness to the plight of the Wild Burros of the Big Bend and the Slaughter Bound Horse!   

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~ Featuring ~


Rod Rondeaux Crow Indian Cowboy, Multi Award Winning Actor  & Stunt Man will open the Thundering Hooves  Event with a Prayer and Blessing.



Micki Free

Grammy Award Winner and Five Time Native American Music Award Winner!



Mark Barfoot

Award Winning Native American Indian Folk Artist and Master Drum Maker


Mark will also be holding a Drum Making Workshop at the Kokernot Park & Lodge

Drum Workshop Information

Register for Drum Workshop ~ 



Larry Yazzie

Award Winning Dancer ~ Larry has performed throughout the world including Japan, Australia, France, Ireland and Brazil. His captivating energy and enthusiasm inspires others.



Shea Keck

The Beautiful and Multi Talented ,  Award Winning Singer & Womens Jingle Dress Dancer.


Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave

Chart Topping New Native Rock & Country Artist.  



Lynny Prince

Published Author Poet & Musician! Will be holding a Special Book Signing.


Rod Rondeaux

With the Indian Stunt Ranch will  be showcasing Wild Mustangs & Rescued  Horses On Saturday, October 6th, at the Firelight South Ranch 4 to 6pm.

“I am a Crow Indian and we believe in honoring our four leggeds to disrespect them and hurt them is against who we are. I am only 10 and I know the difference horses are knowledge and medicine the more people that understand that the more our world will be at peace” Cheyenne Rondeaux

Thundering Hooves  ~ Save  Them For Our Children’s Grandchildren ~


~~~~ Guest Speakers ~~~


Matthew Black Eagle Man



Amber Taylor & Brandi Turner with Animals’ Angels



Marjorie Farabee”  with Wild Burro Protection League


 “I live with a sacred herd of rescued souls… I learn from them as my Ancestors did, I understand their pain and help them on their journey I am just a part of their circle and pray they will always have safety and be free from harm as it should be. Wopila”

Rachael  WAller Rondeaux ,  Multi Award Winning Photographer, will be presenting her journey into rescuing the West Texas 25 thru photos of then and now. Their story is nothing short of a Miracle. You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn the “Slaughter Bound Horse” is not just a reject with no purpose in life! Their eyes are full of life now ~ thank you Rachael, Rod & Cheyenne Rondeaux!




~ Throughout the weekend there will be opportunities to meet and greet Baby Donkeys ~

                                        ~ more activities TBA.


Souvenir Line Up


 Help us to be the Voice for innocent Wild Burros and Slaughter Bound Horses

All Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

Click here For Donation Information

To Those Lost ~ We Will Never Forget!

To Those We Cannot Save ~ May Their Suffering Be Short Lived and Their Spirits Soar!

Peace & Blessings to All,



The Ghostkiller?? Trilogy puts a new twist on paranormal fiction that empowers American Indians with the ability to change the world by changing the past.  Forget everything you know about how the west was won!

“I write paranormal, American Indian novels that weave time-travel, historical events, and the supernatural into rich and powerful stories.”

The Ghostkiller­­ Trilogy puts a new twist on paranormal fiction that empowers American Indians with the ability to change the world by changing the past.

Forget everything you know about how the west was won!

“I am very proud to be a part of this event which raises awareness to the wild horses threatened by slaughter. We must all come together to stop this insanity and protect these sacred animals.”

                                                                              Lynny Prince


Luna represents all that is wrong with the Slaughtering of our Horses.  The pro-slaughter camp will have you believe our country is over populated with un-wanted  horses and  burros and the only remedy is to ship them off to slaughter ~

Nothing could be further from the Truth!






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