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Your Hidden Powers ~ You Are A Warrior of Light ~ White Light Protection




This Protective Meditation will surround you with an AURA of White Light and Protection.  As you Envisage this, choose whom you will have standing beside you, or above you.  You can imagine this person as anything or anyone.  It could be an Angel, a Friend, a Spiritual Guardian, the Untapped Powers of your own Sub-Conscious mind, the Creative Force of the Universe.  Whatever you choose to call it, it will watch over you, and keep negativity and darkness away.

It doesn’t matter when you do this exercize of protection, or where, except that you should do it without being disturbed.  You can do it before you sleep, before you get up, or at any time during the day, as long as you have a few minutes alone.

Begin this exercize with some breathing ~ Inhale through your nose counting to 3 ~ and then Exhale through your mouth counting to 4.  Imagine yourself breathing IN Pure Clear Light, exhaling the negative cloudy air from your lungs.  Now close your eyes and with your mind draw a ring of white or golden light all around yourself.  This is your Protective Sphere:  Within this bubble you are protected from Dark or Negative Thoughts, Actions and Your Own Fears, .

This is a well-used exercize which people of all Faiths and Beliefs have used for 1000’s of years, with definite and sometimes amazing results.  NOW ~ CALL UPON YOUR GUARDIAN. Imagine him/her as, perhaps standing with a drawn sword, or with their hands on your shoulders ~ however you wish.

You KNOW that your Guardian can DEFY any negative energies or thoughts.  Encased within your sphere of Light, you are Completely Safe.  Your Guardians will protect you, wiping away anything that you perceive as threatening you.  This Circle of Light BLAZES out into the UNIVERSE; Your Guardian, or Guardians if you wish more than One, likewise Burn with Warning against anything that you feel may harm you.

SEAL the protective light around you ~ with these words : I now Seal Myself With Light , I Am Guarded , I Am Safe.  Name your Protectors and Say “They Stand Behind Me Warding Off All Harm”.

After the exercize you can open your eyes and go about your business, knowing that you are looked after.  At ANY TIME, you can imagine the circle of light about you, your Guardians standing there, and you can reinforce it simply by sitting quietly for a moment, and going through this Exercize of Protection again.

You Are Loved, You Are Guarded, and You Are Safe.

Written By Sian Lloyd-Pennell





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