U.S.D.O.I. Bureau of Indian Affairs – Improve Living Conditions for Native Americans. Sign Petition Please




CLICK [HERE] to Sign Petition Please.

There are many people outside and inside of this country who believe that America is perfect, that our government protects and aids the individuals that live here. It is mind blowing  that there are hundreds if not thousands of Native Americans who live on reservations. The students who attended a high school in FlagStaff, Arizona explain  how the living and health conditions of the Native Americans worsened after the Arizona SB 1070 act was passed. One of the students exclaimed “They just pushed the natives of this country to the land they didn’t want or find to be useful for growing or building things.”

Most of the Native American population are sick, with diseases such as alcoholism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and malnutrition. The average life expectancy is 45 years old. Over 60% of the houses they live in are infected with mold and other things. There is an assumption that the ads you see on TV about poverty only exist in a country outside of ours, it is very rarely thought or talked about that there is a large percentage of people who are in poverty here on our homeland.

If people across the nation knew about the conditions the Native Americans live in, we could make a change. Please Sign the Petition going to the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, asking them to Improve Living Conditions for Native Americans.

CLICK [HEREto Sign the Petition Please.

Blue Feather Spirit

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