Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls





In regard to the Stanley Castagno shooting of the Wolf, luring out of a sanctuary and shooting it:

Mr. Castagno is a Outfitter and Guide registered with the Wyoming Outfittrers and Guide, and their telephone number is: 800-264-0981

Wyoming Wildlife Enforcement, as this is a clear cut case of Poaching off of a Sanctuary, similar to fishing within a fish hatchery and just wrong, but we will see how they attempt to cover this up: 307-733-2321

The Administrator of Wyoming Enforcement, Eric Kescler can be reached at: 307-777-4594.


Background – Wolf Angels

First victim wolf of Wyoming’s 2012 hunt –lured out of the protection of Yellowstone with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup.   How low can you go?   Thanks Stan Castagno for stealing a magnificent wolf from 300,000,000 of us who were promised wildlife safety in National Parks.

Stan Castagno is Very Proud of his Betrayal and Murder of an Innocent Animal.  If you would like to Congratulate him on his Trophy, you may PM him at  his FaceBook Profile.  CLICK [HERE].

CLICK  [HERE] to leave a comment on his FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE.


Blue Feather Spirit

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  1. messaged and will mail letter.

  2. Really this man is a coward and an asshole ! Karma gonna get you!

  3. Cheyenne Gilbert

    I am so deeply saddened by the killing of this beautiful animal. I urge you Mr. Castango to show your proud face on an Indian Reservation. COWARD.

  4. Disregard for animals! Disgusting!

  5. fucking coward….got to feel bad though he looks like the typical “i have a small dick and must compensate” i say that because he’s divorce… he likes to hunt but never served in the military? just a fucking coward with a small dick. Give that wolf a fair chance and take his gun away, see what happens then.

  6. This SLOB Hunter will regret thinking he is a badass. These predator haters in Wyoming are the worst of the worst……I really hate these people

  7. I have written Stanley and sending via snail mail so he has it, literally, in his hands, you know, the hands with blood on them. Tragic, who is the lowest form of life? MAN, they are the only ones that kill for “sport”.?

  8. Thank you for your work and keeping me informed, as well as soothing my nerves in this insane world white men have tried to conquer. Bless you. Cecilia Lee


  9. fat ugly f**K- hope he d i e s

  10. love the message of your heart and page but the text gets lost in the background of the pictures that over burden your page. only by luck did i accidentally highlight and realize i could then see it

  11. Liz Arnold-Smith

    Let these beautiful creatures be …………. they belong to the earth and NOT to a human!!!!!!

  12. i hope jesus gives this fat bastard AIDS.

  13. What a low life coward he is to take this beautiful animal from earth.

  14. That’s just wrong what the hell is up with these people wanting to do this.

  15. This is so so sad . They are my spirit animal and such beautiful gifts for us all

  16. I AM RAGING !!!

  17. Before the WASICUN came from England they were going through this under the King. The Rich were the only people allowed to hunt, while the poor relied on farming as a way to survive. The White Man has brought that same ideaology over here, these white people have never let go of their old mind sets of class seperation.

  18. For starters, I have a passion for wolves and I’m in awe of them; however, I would like to ask about the facts of this blog. I find no news article to back up the nature by which this hunter obtained this wolf, which can cause some legal trouble for the author if the accused chose to press slander charges. Most big game hunters obtain wolf tags so that if they’re threatened by a wolf while they’re hunting other game, they can legally shoot it. It’s a little difficult to mimic a wolf pup in distress and get a female’s attention when wolf pups are born in late spring. Mating season occurs in October, which tells me she most likely was going to kill whatever sounded like competition…as that is what wolf packs do. They kill outsiders. They migrate for hundreds of miles, outside the park as other wildlife does. As for Yellowstone wolves, they’re not the only wolves in this area. Idaho has been populated by these Canadian Grey Wolves that were never native here but put here by the Feds and they’re reproducing like rabbits…which has cause an imbalance of the ecosystem driving other wildlife into the cities. They’re twice as large as the native grey wolf and more aggressive. They’re killing ranchers livestock and our elk and deer population has suffered a great deal. This wolf could very well be an Idaho wolf that migrated. I live in Idaho and see the damage being caused to the rest of our wildlife from these animals and there is now a mountain lion living in Boise, ID endangering children and innocent people because the wolves are driving them out of the mountains. This is what happens when the Feds play God with something that was never native here. Are we willing to sacrifice the life of innocent human beigns and other wildlife for wolves that were never native here? If you blame anyone, blame the federal government for playing God not just with the life of the wolves…but with the lives of the innocent people being affected by them. The wolf and man are both victims of the government. The wolves didn’t ask to be brought here and the residents didn’t ask for them to be brought here. There’s more than one side to every story and I hope that in the future, people take the time to research both sides before they jump to conclusions.–173044851.html

    • Deb, get your facts straight. One, mating season is in February, not October. Pups are born in late April. Even still, it does not matter what time of the year, a wolf will respond to a distressed pup call–it is in their nature. Second, STOP fucking calling them CANADIAN Grey Wolves. It is not a different species. It is not even a different subspecies. They are NOT twice as big. They don’t weigh 200lbs like everyone around here thinks. Max, max 120lbs. The research that went into determining wolves from Alberta coming down was extensive. It was identified to be the closest possible ancestor to Yellowstone wolves as they could find anywhere in the world. Aside from that, I agree with some of your points as well (lack of an article is key and research both sides is also key and I agree with you), but you are terribly wrong on a few points and I couldn’t sit there and not respond.

  19. Annabel, you Rock!! How can a child of God fall so far from Grace ? Because he gave his soul to the devil ! He lives in a beautiful world and is blind he hears the wolf song and he hears death not the song of life. the dishonest he displayed is beyond words . I pray his celebration turns to ash and his footfalls are haunted by ghosts!

  20. I left the overly rotund wolf killer a comment on his stupid facebook business page, ok , make that 2 comments.


  22. sale assassins fils de pute c est honteux tout ça

  23. Now is not the time to attack poor Stanly, since I believe he has just joined NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association and any attacks against him would be considered “A HATE CRIME”. NICE GOING STAN.

  24. Trena Labowski

    Is this not illegal??? Will he be brought to justice for this?????????????

  25. Trena Labowski

    Can you please tell me how you got your facts in this story?

  26. Steve Stallings

    This Man & Others Who Trap & Hunt Wolves Are “Satanic-Evil-SubHumans & Have No Soul.
    This Provides Food For No One. This Is Extreme Animal Cruelty………..I Clicked On Link Above And Left Message On His facebook Page, I will Also Mail Letter Of My Opinion.
    I Reposted His Name & Address Under Shared Picture……….Others Please Do The Same…………..Don’t Ignore This……….Thanks Steve Stallings

  27. This ASShole is a f**king coward! The Ugliness of Stan Castagno is not only obvious on the outside, but his killing of this beautiful female wolf and his cowardly tactics…proves that he’s even uglier on the inside. I hope Karma comes back on him 100 times over. Wyoming is such a beautiful State, too bad it inhabits such ugly, cowardly and disgusting people! I hope anyone that has taken the life of one of these iconic creatures, or even thinks about it, dies an ugly and horrible death, too. You deserve more than any wolf ever did!!

  28. lorenebrubaker

    This ASShole is a f**king coward! The Ugliness of Stan Castagno is not only obvious on the outside, but his killing of this beautiful female wolf and his cowardly tactics…proves that he’s even uglier on the inside. I hope Karma comes back on him 100 times over. Wyoming is such a beautiful State, too bad it inhabits such ugly, cowardly and disgusting people! I hope anyone that has taken the life of one of these iconic creatures, or even thinks about it, dies an ugly and horrible death, too. You deserve more than any wolf ever did!!

  29. what an ass, that has to be illegal to do that. This is not real hunting. He’s scum


    Is there actual PROOF that he used an audio to lure this wolf out of Yellowstone?

  31. Yea, really takes a REAL MAN to commit such a cowardly act. KARMA is a bitch and it will come back to bite you in the ass 10 fold….

  32. Truly saddened by this horrific event. Obviously less of a man then he thinks he is.. probably a bully in childhood, grown into a fat slob on a power trip. I had my say on both of the coward’s facebook pages. I hope he lives long enough to watch all those close to him, die before him, so he understands pain and suffering. I can see why he is divorced.. he probably isn’t capable of giving love.

  33. A little endowed “man” trying to prove himself. How VERY sad.

  34. He is sicko and no heart at all. Ughs!

  35. Cheyenne Gilbert

    I sent him a private message and one on his pathetic business page. He deleted my comment…What I stated before, the man is a coward who hides behind his big gun. For everyone responding to this blog in a positive way….Go to the many wolf sites and pledge money if you can or if not PLEASE support the cause to stop the slaughter of these magnificent animals that were created by the Creator.

  36. you guys are fucking morons i hope you all choke on a fucking granola bar you stupid fucks. you use things that kill millions of libbing beings every day. you pretenses fuck stains i hope you are all are repeatedly violated in the most disgusting manner possible posting this guys address. may you all rot in your hybrid driving apple using hell

  37. I bet most of you condemning this killing fully support the murder of babies via abortion. You are a bunch of deluded hypocrites!

  38. Removed a killing machine from the ecosystem. More elk now available for hunters which in turn provide much needed jobs.

  39. friggen awesome! I would love to do a wolf hunt.

  40. What a “real man’ you must be! To use the sounds of pups in distress to lure an animal into coming to help them. As you lay in wait with your gun from a safe distance.
    You think what you did was fair? Why didnt you just take your big ass up to the wolf and kill her with your bare hands? Now that would have been a fair fight!
    I can tell by the look on your face that you really did something! Actually you did, now everyone will know how pathetic and dispicable you really are!
    NO EXCUSES! Better stay out of those woods, the rest of the pack will never forget what you did! AND THEY WILL SMELL HER BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

  41. The Wolf was actually just looking for an easy meal by eating a competitors pup. That pup didn’t belong in that wolf packs territory so ipso facto, it was an hors d’oeuvre.

  42. donnawildlifeadvocate

    What an unbelievable coward. What kind of so-called human could do such a despicable thing? I have completely given up on the human race. Mr. Castagno, I hope you receive everything that is coming to you.

  43. I didn’t work my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian. I imagine the wolf will look good mounted

  44. Awasome animal!! Great harvest. next year I’m going to release a breeding pair into Central Park.

  45. Fuck, I hate eco-hippies.

    And I hate-self-absorbed, wannabe earth-loving, fake Indian eco-hippies even more.

  46. lol @ “animal murder” what a bunch of chumps. Feel free to suck it hippies.

  47. As was mentioned before, a wolf the size of the one shown is absolutely a Canadian Grey, not a native to the Idaho area at all until introduced by the Dept. of the Interior. It is an invasive species that SHOULD be culled just like the Nutria from the east coast marshes or the snakehead from the Potomac.

  48. nice shot need to thin the wolves out

  49. This coward and all the other cowards supporting his slaughter of this innocent wolf have no debate but do try to intimidate those of us who challenge their illiterate knowledge of these mystical creatures. As for a source,, I thought the source came from the idiots themselves,, bragging on one of those sick hunting pages. I have yet to hear him deny it.

  50. There’s no hope for this human maggot. His conscience is cold.

  51. Sadly, judging by her belly, my guess would be that she was the Alfa-female…what could this man possibly see in killing her…whether he was liciensed or not…why do they feel like they have to kill for TROPHY’S? Self protection I could understand (though wolves generally are shy of humans and would stay their distance)…if it was an Elk or deer, I could understand if it was NEEDED for food on the table….but for something as stupid and selfish as a Trophy? Makes no sense and sadly hurts the world at large…to trick the animal in the manner in which he did, speaks of a man with no conscious…Fate will surely come back 3 fold…he shall reap what his actions have sowed!

    • I totally agree………it is so sad the day that these self-righteous so called “men” lay wait, trick a majestic animal into their snare and kill it just to prove……?NOTHING. It proves NOTHING. It doesn’t prove that this “man” is a better person, it doesn’t prove that this “man” is a good hunter, it doesn’t prove that this “man” cares about anything or any one, but himself! SHAME ON YOU. God will see to it that you are punished for the deeds that you’ve done. You will fail in your business as you have failed in real life otherwise you wouldn’t be divorced. I would guess that you caused that as well. You disgust me and for the most part the whole world for the cowardly things you have done. It’s a wonder that some deranged person hasn’t come after you for this. We all have heard of those that have taken the law into their own hands for a lessor crime than this. All I can say is, you’d better as forgiveness for your wicked ways, and turn your life around before it is too late. God have mercy on your soul, coward!

  52. Dummkopf , Du weisst die Natur nicht zu schaetzen, sowas gehoert verboten.Auch noch ne Leitwoelfin, die wichtig fuer den park ist. nicht zu fassen.

  53. Sharon these are the same mindless, clueless batch that sit around telling bs stories about the one they got last night. Their reasons are self indulgence. These types even exist in war. They called them garet troopers in the Vietnam war. COWARDS

  54. I called both numbers, shared, and posted a few times on his trophy page. We all need to call Eric, and make sure he is prosecuted for breaking the law.

  55. Happy Birthday to me.. To find this on my wall, makes me sick.

  56. Such a shame. I’m sure there’s some beaver he could go after as well. What’s next, Bald Eagle? California Condor? ARock??

    Guys & Gals, I just got an awesome chili with beans recipie as well. -JMB

  57. avid outdoorsman

    you guys make me sick you dont have a clue as to how the exploding wolf population is affecting the ecosystem and as to him killing this wolf doesnt provide food for anyone you r wrong they are desimating the elk and deer populations and if something isnt done soon there wont be any left. I dont think we need to exterminate them but there has to be a management system of some kind and i feel the same way bout u damn hippies. you have your laptop and therefore you are the foremost experts on the subject well if you want to make your opinion public you should at least get your facts straight and as far as this being illegal dont be retarded when a game animal leaves the park it becomes the property of the state. By the way do you know how hard it is to call a wolf with a sound of any kind? of course you dont you are idiots. looking forward to doing my part and killing my own wolf next week! sounds like it was a great hunt stan if the hippies have anything right WTG!

  58. avid outdoorsman,, why don’t you educate yourself before opening your mouth,, glad to know that you think you know more than the experts that have all the degrees.

  59. @@@@@AVID OUTDOORSMAN,,, IF YOU CAN READ , GET EDUCATED ON THE FACTS, INSTEAD OF YOUR BLOODTHIRSTY IDIOCY,,,,”Many Americans, even as they view the extermination of a species as morally anathema, struggle to grasp the tangible effects of the loss of wolves. It turns out that, far from being freeloaders on the top of the food chain, wolves have a powerful effect on the well-being of the ecosystems around them — from the survival of trees and riverbank vegetation to, perhaps surprisingly, the health of the populations of their prey. ”

    ” The World Needs Wolves”

  60. Eating meat does not a predator make. Neither does wielding a gun.


    Say hi. Comment on my page. Entertain me.

  61. I’m a member of the ACLU,, have you checked the constitution? As much as we don’t like your comments Nor YOUR SICK PICTURES. We have a constitutional right to speak out for the wolves. Maybe you should have thought about that before you posted those sick pics

    • Why don’t you speak out about the way American Indians slaughtered hundreds of thousands of buffalos.You know what their favorite method of killing them was? They would stampede thousands over cliffs,then take what they wanted,leaving hundreds behind to rot.

  62. The hunter who killed the first Wyoming wolf bragged initially on his post and others (even to Ted Nugent’s Sunrize Safari site), that he did electronically call the wolf out of Yellowstone—this is permitted in Wyoming’s 17% hunting zone that borders Yellowstone….what he did was legal, but certainly immoral and an offense to all that we hold decent–motherhood itself. We know wolves respond to calls of pups in distress–to rescue—-we also know wolves respond to sounds of animals they consider prey in distress, like rabbits, deer, etc…..this is why it is being used by so many hunters and a part of the hunting policies, along with lures of scents that are ‘interesting’ to wolves.

    I don’t see any of his initial bragging posts on his page or others any more….obviously he has received a plethora of complaints and negative messages–rightfully so! Was she lactating….we cannot be positive, but it appears by the abdomen shot that she is—this was suggested by a respected wolf advocate who has raised wolves and wolf pups, wolfdogs too.

    The point is she was out of Yellowstone National Park….she was lured out of a safety zone and shot! Isn’t that enough?

    To the cretin who put down Native Americans and buffalo hunting—how dare you suggest that Native Americans hunted in the wrong way—today’s trophy hunters kill for fun and recreation, they trap for fun, they lure, they poison, they arrow, they brutalize wolves and brag about it–they shoot, not for food, but for kicks. Who shot millions of buffalo from train windows and left them there to rot?? Millions!!

    Oh and Deb — there is no such thing as the Canadian Wolf — there is only the North American Wolf, which is also known as the grey wolf, the tundra wolf, and the timber wolf….same wolf!!!!! There is a red wolf which usually occupies the Southern part of America, and then there is only the Ethiopian wolf in Europe. 3 types of wolf –the grey wolf occupied all of North America before you were here or any of us…..we are the trespassing, not the wolf—he needs no ‘green card’….we will trespass until the Earth shakes us off like a bad case of fleas for all we have destroyed and ruined. so the feds didn’t introduce any new wwolf…..reintroduced wolves that had already been here and wiped out by ranchers, who ruin the environment with cows giving off methane gas 24/7 in continuum and are the biggest contributors to CO2 gas which is warming the planet at an alarming rate… cows have crowded out wild horses and burros on public lands, and been the cause of much of the hysteria about wolves who only take less than 1% of all livestock, even though they are being served cows like room service by ranchers who put them in wolf territory without protection—public lands!

    For everyone else….”you CAN’T love nature with a gun” ….Capt Paul Watson….

    You are not interested in facts or science, just thrill killing wolves….yes, it is more fun for you to kill an apex predator than Bambi, now isn’t it?

  63. P.S. in another 80% of Wyoming wolves can be shot on sight…no license required….make no mistake this is a ranching state….they are not out for wolf management but wolf extermination—that is clear.

  64. Oh and Deb — there has not been a wolf attack on a human in the lower 48 states in over 100 years……..wolves with rabies (brain virus) or badly provoked wolves attacked in the 1800’s on a rare occasion. They don’t EAT HUMANS… are no wolf specialist and I don’t believe you are in awe of wolves—you may even be a hunter, you talk like one…

    Never saw where it was the Native Americans who wasted any part of the animal. It was the white man that killed them for sport almost to the point of extinction. I’m Irish/French, but the truth is the truth. Try it some time

  66. Stan Castagna, I was the first one to post your photo and give the script……don’t blame this blog or the good person who has this blog. I don’t blame you for changing your ‘story’ after receiving such negative feedback……I never released your personal information, however.
    Linda Camac & Good Wolf

  67. Karen Nottingham

    One word. MURDERER!!!!!

  68. The nearest wolf will eat you! Revenge is sweet …

  69. Judy Austin Castagno Outfitters~nice to see you are reading these posts! Enjoy your fame, you are the one getting a grip of your own medicine!
    15 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

    Castagno Outfitters Again this was not a female wolf. They are not protected. It was taken legally. Wyoming has laws and I respect them.
    Judy Austin Sure looks like a female~it is you I do not respect! hours ago · Like · 2
    Judy Austin Her teats are definitely showing in your photo~who is lying here?
    Judy Austin Just blew up your photo~DEFINITELY A FEMALE ABSOLUTELY NO SCROTUM….LYING SCUMBAG~Great White Coward Stan is caught is in own lies. No one had to post his phone nbr and address the idiot has it on his so-called outfitter’s page. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!!!!!! Backpeddling poor cry baby. Who is the animal here????? LEAVE OUR WOLVES ALONE!!!!!!!

  70. Many Blessings to all whom RESPECT ALL LIFE~our wolves are Sacred!

  71. i left a mail and guess, our protests will not change his mind until he will die by himself, but anyway, poor damned souls like this man are stupid and unfortunately not reachable in sense of making them thinking. thanks for making this effort to show the world waht is going on with wolves. best wishes from germany

  72. worriedamerican

    So I have read through all the comments posted here and some of the comments are absolutely uncalled for. This is exactly what is wrong with the world we live in today, people are so cruel to one another. Yes a man called in and killed a wolf, but you know what that is HIS right and HIS business and if he wants to post it on HIS FB page than so be it. Why is it that people have nothing better to do than find someone to ridicule and cause problems for. There have got to be more productive things for people to do. And for those of you who wish harm come to him, shame on you, that is not your choice to make. I am not normally one to comment on things, but there are just something that just make a person notice and want to respond to. The fact that this page support someone posting threatening comments on HUMAN life says a lot about the type of people you are.

  73. worriedamerican you kinda sound like a communist. It’s his right to kill God’s creatures, it’s your right to come here and try to belittle us, (while you are doing the same thing). But we are not supposed to able to be a voice for our wolves,, not supposed to criticize this sick behavior we see as barbaric? We have come to a higher spiritual believe than you and your kind. All this makes your argument moot

  74. You are crazy!! That wolf was not lured out of anywhere!! There are wolves everywhere around here. He was not lured and you are slandering his name!!

  75. Timarie you are talking to the wrong crowd,, your leader Stan himself said this. I suggest you take it up with him

  76. Susan Lee Thomas

    can any one give me this man’s address..I would like to write him…Thanks!

  77. Wyoming Lead Cow

    Oh, the drama!! You people have no clue how far away Yellowstone is from the Buffalo Valley, where this dog killing wolf was taken! There are over 40 wolves in that Valley alone, taking 2 out isn’t going to eradicate anything! The plan is to maintain a sustainable number of wolves in the state, not eliminate them, duh!! We reached recovery numbers by 1999, with no control measures taken, there is an overpopulation and will be managed! There is NO possible way to lure a wolf out from 30 miles away! Stop lying and illegally harassing this man, he has a legal tag and it is against the law to screw with him! The FBI will be involved soon enough!! Good luck!

  78. You people have gone off the edge. You have no idea what you are talking about. You lie and have not disire to understand the truth about wolfes and how they need to be managed. I think wolfs need to be in the East where they roamed years ago and throw all you easterns off your property.

  79. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation

    I’ve already put a hex on that redneck infidel Stan Castagno
    AND Gov. Mead and I’ll put a hex on any 19th Century neanderthal
    who refuses to leave our wolves alone!!!

    And a warning to all you wild-west infidel wolf-hatin’ wackos out there:
    Make no attempt to attack me nor my post,
    or you too, shall be cursed with a lifetime of bad luck!!!

    And all you greedy cattle barons
    can take your beef and SHOVE IT up your bloomin’ arse!!!

    ~May Your Big Mac Get Mad Cow Disease~

  80. It has been interesting and enlightening to follow these posts the last few days. I gotta take leave though. I’m off to go deer hunting. Oh and Wlof hunting should any cross my path.


  81. Read this the other day. Wish I’d thought of it first. Substitute the deity of your choice. This could be why THEY are the way they are, and WE are so much more “advanced”:

    “Jesus isn’t coming. The resurrection of Jesus will happen inside of you, in each of us, it’s a symbol of that which is the possible inner evolution of each of us…a higher level of existence/consciousness that we can attain as humans.”

  82. LOW LOW, you should take some REAL HUNTER EDUCATION, your upbringing as a child must have been done by ASSHOLES

  83. As a note, this is actually a male wolf. You can see the sheath of his penis in the photo above and his genitals.

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