The Beloved Divine Goddess and The Spiritual Warrior




Cochise OnePaw

Cochise OnePaw

The Beloved Divine Goddess, in the glow of the cool Moon, in the heat of the warm Sun, he hears her call ~ He is there to be of service and walk beside her as a Spiritual Warrior. The Spirit is not bound by the body so distance does not matter, when she needs him call on him and he is there, when she thinks of him he is there, when she needs rest he is there to hold her sacred space, when she needs space or when she needs love he honors the message unfolding from her eyes and body as words are not necessary in the presence of the divine.

The Divine Goddess if she so wishes may desrie a Spiritual Warrior to assist her, to walk beside her in her journey of love, joy, peace, blessings and co-creation. A Spiritual Warrior when in the presence of the Divine Goddess will know spiritually, instinctively and intuitively if he is to exntend an offer to be of service to a Divine Goddess to serve with his strengths, humbleness and purity of thought for her best interests and never his best interests as he is not self serving.  The Spiritual Warrior therefore is devoted to his Beloved Divine Goddess who has his best interest in mind & heart in all she does. They compliment each other as Moon and Sun, as Water and Fire, as Earth and Air, as Feminine and Masculine;  together they ignite all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.

When and if the Divine Goddess so wishes, the Spiritual Warrior if he so chooses shall appear.

Blessed be the Divine Goddess and the Spiritual Warrior for they thrive on the path of beauty.  Cochise Onepaw



Daniela Urrutia

Daniela Urrutia

The Spiritual Warrior in the splendor of his radiant sun is felt as an ancient sacred mountain that has been carved by the water as he accepts his journey with a full heart.

The Divine Goddess sees and feels ALL of him and holds him as a perfection of creation.  As she dances through the cycles he gains courage.  By feeling the ripples of change, his spirit expands with innocence and wisdom.  He knows through his actions of selflessness he creates a web where she is able to hold the mystery of creation. They both are able to hear clearly the voice of mother earth and father sky.

The Divine Goddess shares the nectar of her being when the Spiritual Warrior allows for himself to be carved into a majestic mountain. He opens and enters the gateway through her body to experience together other levels of existence. They merge in the stars, celebrate life, sharing tears and blissful moments of experiencing the divine together.  They both stand as beautiful trees each in their power, each whole, each caressing themselves by their roots in the fertile soil and their strong sturdy branches embrace in the vastness of the sky. Together they serve all of life. The Spiritual Warrior shares a secret with the Divine Goddess that you are able to see when you gaze at their eyes. They both know they are free, free to love and to expand their wings to soar wherever Great Spirit guides them.  Blessed is the Spiritual Warrior that shines as the golden sun!

The Spiritual Warrior and Divine Goddess walk the beauty way through the belly of our Earth Mother.  Daniela Urrutia

~ ~ ~


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  1. Lila Pilamaya Blue Feather Spirit for the beauty of this !

  2. I enjoyed your words so much!!! Ahh-Shonok “Thank-You”

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