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The latest attack on Oregon’s wolves comes from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which is pushing for reckless legislation that allows for the annihilation of the Imnaha pack.

The wolf pack was the first to establish and produce pups in the state in more than 60 years. While measures should be taken to prevent depredation of livestock, there are better ways to keep cattle safe than killing the family of Journey, who captured the nation’s imagination with its thousand-mile expedition to become the first wolf in California in nearly a century.

The Imnaha Alpha Male

Last fall, the Center for Biological Diversity and allies won an emergency stay of execution from the Oregon Court of Appeals that stopped the state from killing two wolves in the pack — a stay that remains in place while the Cattlemen’s Association pushes this appalling bill.

Help us continue to defend the pack by asking Oregon state officials to oppose this legislation and the killing of the Imnaha pack



PLEASE CLICK  HERE  To Sign Petition To Save The Imnaha Pack.

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  1. Here in France its ileagl to killl the Wolf .If their cattle gets killed the goverment repays them back .;They want to kill every thing thats good

    • yep and the gov. hear in the states get payed for it , how ever this is not whats happening to the cattle. cows are real spoky and nerves .when their is a preditor near they wont eat . and cattle ranchers looses a the scales .they can train the wolf to stay back .its working in montana ,and a donkey will keep the wolfves away also .

      • also the unanha pack are not the first wolves in their .I grew up in oregan ,and with the wolfves in the mt.’s wallowa mt.s we have always had wolfves their .

  2. There are easy ways to stop wolves from killing cattle. Just play wolf howls around your ranch at night and that will keep them away. Or you can use wolf/bear urine and mark around your ranch and that will keep the wolves away. There are ways to coexist, you just have to be willing to respect other beings other than just humans.

  3. i dont understand why anyone would want to kill a wolf which is part of our natural ecosystem…its obviously clear,these bastards do it for profit alone,,the greed which harvests in their souls,,,is disgusting,,,why should the rest of the earth and its beings suffer for ones greed.

  4. Maureen Ellen McGill

    These wolves were in the States long before the Europeans arrived. The Native peoples understood and respected them. If I were American I would be proud to know they were alive and protected. Why should private interests dictate the survival of such noble canines.

  5. Maureen McGill

    Wolves have the sacred right to live in their native ancient homeland.

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