America’s Native Wild Horses are cherished nationally and internationally as symbols of independence and freedom and protected by an Act of Congress. Yet the BLM’s destructive management policy has reduced their number to a mere 30,000. The agency warehouses more wild horses in government holding pens than are left on the range. The cost to the taxpayers for this broken program is expected to exceed $70 million this fiscal year. On behalf of our collective memberships of millions of citizens, we ask the Obama Administration to deliver the change it promised by reforming the BLM’s current costly and inhumane program. The agency talks about change, but continues business as usual policies that claim the lives of more and more Native Wild Horses. The situation is untenable and must change.

PLEASE CLICK  HERE  To Sign The First Petition.

PLEASE CLICK  HERE  To Sign The Second Petition.

PLEASE CLICK   HERE  To Sign The First Petition.

PLEASE CLICK  HERE  To Sign The Second Petition.





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  1. Vicki Matusewic

    Please save our Horses!They have rights to!

  2. Vicki Matusewic

    Please save our horses homes!,

  3. horses belong in the wild…………….period

  4. Connie Dassance

    Stop,doing to the wild Mustanges and Burros. That was done to the Native Amercians!

  5. These beautiful souls have rights too. The right to a peaceful, loving, free life. Leave them alone and leave their territory alone too.

  6. Please help our god’s given creatures

  7. why people are not abble to thank th magnific animal ? Oh, so much …. . oh, when it will end that we no longer view animals as property… ? IS IT 2011? Sincerely

  8. I keep trying to sign this petition but there’s no place for me to enter the captcha words

  9. The horses have a right to live free here in America. This is a sacred right and it is also of ecological benefit and come with evolutionary justification.

  10. Already signed both of these, but sent them out again for signatures.

  11. Thank you for adding the third petition (RESTORE 1971 act to original intent)! Together we WILL save the mustangs! Thank you for all the signers. Sincerely, Wild Mustangs Robin age 10 c/o Denise DeLucia

  12. May we ALL continue to Walk in Beauty. Without our wild ones the beauty is diminished.

  13. I THOUGHT I was registered, but I still cannot sign the petition … ? Any suggestions ?

  14. Signed the first one and the third, I had already signed the second. Tweeted and Shared!

  15. Such beauty, strength, loyalty, intelligence. They are magnificent. When is the destruction of our earth and it’s beautiful creatures going to stop? When they’re all gone? If the government and greedy people can’t understand why these companion animals are so important, then I suggest they find a way to move to a different planet by any means possible.

  16. these animals are our heritage . what has happened to everyone, GREED and STUPIDITY. these animals have earned the right to be left alone and free to live their lives.

  17. What will be left for our children’s children? What is it we are teaching our children if we continue to look the other way? It’s time to respect our land, our creatures….

  18. When you take away our wild horses, you are taking away our history. The next generation have a right to witness these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Please do not take them away from my grandchildren.


  20. Leave them alone let them be free .Destroy everything thats touched .They take every ones freedom .Even the horses they depend on

  21. I have owned a number of breads of horses, but the Mustangs I have had over the last 10 years are the greatest of all. I had to move my 7yr old stud to another location for his safety, when i go to visit him he smiles and talks to me . He always hugs me over the fence when i stand from my wheel chair

  22. Margaret Hooper

    Get rid of BLM!

  23. aubrey matthews

    i send my support to u from africa cos our eco system is being diminished over here as well…greed and corporate influence r the main catalysts

  24. Jeannie Hernandez

    Horses just as all other animals are beautiful,voiceless,defenseless & innocent.Like humans they are trying to survive in this world.They feel fear & pain as we do.They have every right to be here not being bothered by humans.We are supposed to care fpr & protect those who can not speak.They are a vital part of our Earth.

  25. I wanted to know if you would like to share your story on my FB page. Native Colored Feathers on Facebook. Just started tonight. Wanted to feature articles, events, accomplishments of various native americans from the 1% ti the 100%-ers, around the globe. I wanted to ask if you would like to share your story on my page. This month is Native American history month and I’d like to start off with the featuring of positive stories.

    Thank you very much.

  26. Lose the BLM – leave the mustangs free…they have land that is supposed to be theirs, leave them on it! Stop the stupid, cruel, inhumane, senseless roundups…stop separating them from their families. The government is slowly eradicating what is a beautiful part of our American heritage. Soon they will be extinct like the dinosaurs. Their feelings are no different than a human beings. They know fear and pain, you can see it in their eyes if you’ve ever witnessed a round up or watched footage. It’s time to round up all the BLM and government people who are letting this happen (including you President Obama-making it legal to start slaughtering horses again in the US, a promise you have broken since taking office), lets separate you all from your families and put you in holding pens until hopefully someone adopts you or you are sold for slaughter. What goes around should come around for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I am in Australia and have attempted to sign your petitions but the White House site says the petitions are closed. Would love to help by signing.

  28. I have seen the wild horses on the outer banks of North Carolina and they are beautiful…….. We should do what ever possiable to save them thank you

    • I have tried to sign the First and Second Petitions but get redirected to The White House petition site. In Australia, we have the same problem and a group called Save the Brumbies does a wonderful job of trying to protect them, most recently from aerial shooting in my state of Queensland. What is wrong with people. It is an absolute disgrace. Would someone sign on my behalf please and if possible, repeat my comments. Thank you.

  29. carola andersson

    Pleace save the horses in the wild nature <3<3<3

  30. They are Gods creatures and such lovely ones at that. Please save the horses!

  31. For some reason, this link leads to the White House. Can you find another way for people outside the US to sign petitions for you. Absolutely love to help. We have the same problem in Australia.

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